Sara Kashlan, MS, RDN, CEDRD, CPT

Intuitive Eating &

Non-diet Dietitian

Helping you nourish your relationship with food, movement, and most importantly...yourself.
Nutrition Counseling

Break away from the diet mentality through nutrition education, meal planning, food logging and goal setting.

Restaurant Outings

Ready to build a stronger foundation of trust with food? Exposure therapy through meal outings have been shown to help with recovery and prevent relapse.


If grocery shopping causes anxiety, let's take a walk together to help calm your nerves. 

Cooking Experiential 

Up your culinary game with a fun and educational time in the kitchen! Practice your knife skills with a savory dish or learn how to bake!


Nutrition and dietetic therapy should address your unique experience. As an eating disorder dietitian, I am interested in the psychology of eating - how we interact with food and body image distress. I believe in the non-diet approach, meaning giving ourselves unconditional permission to enjoy food as opposed to cutting things out and teaching restrictive practices.

About Sara

I work with clients who struggle with eating disorders, chronic dieting, and disordered eating. My experience includes residential, day treatment, and intensive outpatient settings. I tailor nutrition recommendations to fit the individual needs of each client. 

Getting Help

I specialize in eating disorder treatment (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, OSFED, ARFID), orthorexia (obsession with "healthy eating"), disordered eating, compulsive eating, female athlete triad and other nutrition related medical conditions through a health at every size approach.

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse

Body Dysmorphia

Exercise Addiction

Intuitive Eating